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Root Canals

Although sensitivity and soreness may last a bit longer, post procedure care for a root canal is basically the same as for a filling.


Following dental anesthesia, the lips, gums and cheeks can remain numb for several hours. Avoid eating or biting your lips or cheeks until the anesthesia wears off to prevent injury to the areas.

Sensitivity and Soreness

Following a root canal, tooth soreness and sensitivity can remain for several hours or even days. Over-the-counter pain medications can be taken as directed, if necessary. If soreness and/or sensitivity persists or increases, contact the office to set up an appointment. Sometimes, a minor adjustment or further treatment may be necessary.


Following a root canal, you may resume your regular diet but avoid very hot or very cold food and beverages while pain and sensitivity persist. Extreme temperatures can bother already-sensitive teeth. You should also avoid sticky or crunchy foods for the first 24 hours.

Dental Care

Following a root canal, you can immediately resume your regular home care routine, brushing and flossing as usual. Maintain your regular cleaning schedule with your dentist to promote good oral health and to catch any future issues in a timely manner.

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