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Dental Repair and Restorations


Same Day Crowns

Using the latest CEREC® same day crown technology, Seward Dental Clinic is able to provide permanent, natural-looking, ceramic crowns in just one visit. In fact, patients are usually done — from anesthesia to walking out the door — in under two hours.

Our dentists use a wand to scan the tooth and get a digital impression for the restoration. Utilizing the CAD/CAM technology, the crown is designed and made on site. The crown is then placed permanently before you leave. The result is a beautiful restoration that mimics natural teeth and restores the tooth to full function. There is no need for a sticky impression, a temporary, ill-fitted crown, multiple return visits, or additional anesthetic.



Fillings are necessary to repair tooth decay, also known as a cavity because it results in a small hole (or cavity) in the tooth. Treatment is needed to stop the decay from spreading throughout the tooth or to neighboring teeth. Our dentists remove the decayed portion and replace it with a filling to fully restore the tooth.


Root Canals

Despite its bad reputation, most of the time, a root canal is no more painful than a filling. This procedure is necessary when the soft tissue inside the tooth becomes inflamed and infected. Your dentist will remove the diseased pulp and disinfect the contaminated tooth. Failure to remove the infection could result in loss of the tooth.


Our family has been “saved” by the staff at the Seward Dental Clinic on multiple ocassions! Everyone there is the best. Dr. Minchow and Lynn help ease the stress of just walking in the door for me! Seward is very lucky to have such a fabulous dental clinic.”

Tricia S.